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'Overcooked 2' Overdub

Video capture from Overcooked 2 with my music and sound design. Apologies for the poor gameplay... The track is 'Deadly Suburbia'. 

(Nb. not the original music from 'Overcooked 2'. Intended for demo purposes only.)

One of my tracks was used in the film and trailer for BAFTA nominated short film 'Marfa' by The Brothers McLeod.

'Teapot Time'

A quirky track made entirely from sounds sampled from a teapot.

A nostalgic, electronic track written on the OP-1.


'Polaroid Dreams'

'Cuphead' Overdub

Game capture from 'Cuphead' with my music and sound design. The track is 'Krazy Kats'.

Nb. this is NOT the excellent original music and sound from the actual game but a video made by me for DEMO purposes ONLY.

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