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Hello! I'm Adam, the Pixel Muso, a composer and sound designer for video games from the UK.


I'm captivated by the storytelling abilities of game music and audio, and the technological facility we now have to bring our ideas to life.


I have a Masters degree in music from RWCMD and have been working at the highest levels of music making in the UK for over 15 years as a composer and performer.

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Have a listen

Suburbian Nights

Taiko Fighter

Spy in the Sky

Coney Island


Tooner or Later

Chipset and Match

Pixel Sheep


Whitechapel Fog

"Graphics are nice and all but a video game without a KILLER SOUNDTRACK is only half a game"

  -William Shakespeare

I've been a gamer as long as I've been a musician; growing up I had an Atari ST and a NES and I began playing the clarinet when I was six years old.


Since then the tools we have at our disposal to create and integrate sound and music into video games is beyond anything that NES-playing me could have imagined. I have years of experience studying, writing and performing music to draw upon and am as passionate a musician and a gamer as ever.

You can hear examples of my work above and get in touch below. 


Thanks for submitting!

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